Frequently Asked Questions

Some of your Questions:

If our F.A.Q. section does not cover something you wish to know, then feel free to contact us and we will post the answer along with your question on this section of the website.

Q. I am an average at home gardener and wish to purchase 2 bags of Growmoor Multi-Purpose compost. Can I buy from you online?

No, we are a trade only company and carry out our service with retailers only. We supply our compost to a a large selection of nurseries, garden centres and wholesalers but if you want to know your nearest supplier, give us a call and we should be able to help.

Q. Do you supply your product in bulk?

Yes, but we have a minimum quantity - contact us for more details.

Q. What is the lead time on full load deliveries?

Usually 2-3 days, but in the height of the season, Spring/Summer, ordering early is advisable!

Q. I am a grower, can I get a professional compost?

Yes, our professional compost is specifically designed for your needs - contact us for more details!

Q. Is your peat taken from protected areas?

No, all our peat is taken from Non-SSSI peat bogs.

Q. Are all your products peat based?

No, we produce a range of organic composts as well. Check out our product range.

Q. What are your terms of credit?

Our terms of credit are individual to each customer, based on size and regularity of orders - contact us for more details.

Q. Do you supply marketing products?

We supply a range of banners and signage for garden centres. If your not a garden centre, then we normally supply the artwork for you to produce!

Q. I am an amateur gardener, does Multi-Purpose compost cover all types of flowers?

Generally, Multi-Purpose compost will grow most plants, but sometimes you might have to get a specific compost to bring out the best in a particular plant?

Q. Can I keep an open bag until the next planting season?

No, we don't advise this. We would suggest you use your compost within a single season and when not in use, seal the bag appropriately.

Q. Does Multi-Purpose compost come in different sizes?

Yes, we have a full range available, from 10Litre bags to 120Litre bags and we also supply in bulk.

Q. Can I buy a pallet from you and get it delivered to my door?

Yes, our new 'One or More Pallet Service', offers this service to everyone.

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