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Autumn Cleaning!

Gathering leaves as they fall saves a lot of back-breaking work later on in the season as the weather turns inclement. Once the leaves begin to fall, rake leaves as often as you can so it doesn't turn into a bigger job later. Instead of just throwing the leaves away, why not learn how to make leaf mould and nourish your garden. Continue to water container plants, to ensure that they do not dry out. Weeds are a pain for most gardeners in the UK and if you don’t get them under control prior to the beginning of winter you could face a massive de-weeding job on your hands come springtime. Whether they’re populating your garden’s flowerbeds or lining the cracks between your patio pavement, make sure you attack those weed by removing them from the root.

Autumn Planting.

Buy your winter bedding plants early as they are much cheaper at the beginning of autumn. Plant them up early so they bed in before winter arrives. Collect seeds from your garden as this is a cheap way of planting up your garden for next year, and you can always give them away to friends too. Continue to deadhead flowering plants, especially roses, as they can continue blooming for another month or two. Plant spring flowering bulbs in borders and containers. Narcissus, Alliums and other bulbs can be planted now. Tulip bulbs should be planted in November once the soil temperature has cooled down.

Autumn Preparation!

All plants and lawns need good quality fertiliser or nutrients in order to maintain healthy growth. The majority of plants tend to absorb their nutrients through their roots, but you can give nature a helping hand by adding a good quality lawn fertiliser before your garden faces the autumn / winter season. Even though lawns are getting rather wet to mow, keep them edged. This keeps your garden looking smart and takes your eye off the uncut grass.

In General!

September brings a change in season as autumn approaches. Whilst the temperature starts to drop there’s plenty to keep you busy in the garden this month so don't shirk the responsibility, you will reap the reward come Spring!; Autumn is a fantastic time of year to plant your spring bulbs, feed your lawn or prepare your winter veg planting. Plant up Autumn/Winter containers, to provide colour throughout the colder months. Don’t forget to give you lawn some tender loving care by raking, aerating and feeding with an autumn lawn fertiliser. Continue to harvest and enjoy plenty of delicious homegrown vegetables, such as onions and shallots, runner beans, salad crops, spinach, cabbages and more. September marks the last month for sowing any outside seeds, so be sure to get any last radish or lettuce seeds planted before the weather gets too cold.

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