The Company


Servicing the UK & Ireland.

Growmoor can supply growing media to exact customer specifications in various grades of raw material, from 100% peat based to pure organic, no peat formulations. If you have specific requirements or if you want our product in your own branded packaging, give one of our sales team a call today and look forward to better growing!

Growmoor Sales Team Map

The Sales team.

UK Sales Manager

David Evans: 07841 021666
Commercial Sales Agent

Lee Moss: 07855 352756
South West Area Sales Manager

Cath Park: 07511 211473
South East Area Sales Manager

Lee Allford: 07720 695342
Midlands Area Sales Manager

Simon Gill: 07719 312894
North East Area Sales Manager

David Evans: 07841 021666
North West Area Sales Manager

Neil Oldham: 07598 607923
East Anglia Sales Manager

John Ducker: 07776 524500
South Scotland Area Sales Agent

Gary Martin: 07795 598910
North Scotland Area Sales Agent

Steve Wilkie: 07956 351859
Northern Ireland & Ireland Sales Manager

Stephen Compton: 07730 403802
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